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Our Story

Almost 13 years ago my niece was born at 28 weeks. Her being born this early was the first experience I had ever had with a preemie. She touched my life profoundly. Seeing her struggle and prevail, fight and survive, advance and decline is something I will never forget. Other than a simple journal there was nothing for her parents to document her first couple months of life. This is when Dreemie Preemie stepped into my heart. It would take several more years and many, many more friends giving birth to preemie’s before I could “see” how this was to all come together. I call the babies that inspired me the Original Dreemie Preemie’s. These Originals include my niece and a few friends: Wyatt, Avery and Kennedy (twins) and Benjamin, whose pictures make up our banner, just to name a few.

A couple years after the vision of Dreemie Preemie started to take shape, my daughter was born. Although she was full term her lungs were not. She spent time in the NICU while her lungs developed, giving me my own personal experience with a NICU baby. And placing the dream I had for Dreemie Preemie even closer to my heart. After this experience with my own daughter, my heart just breaks even more with every parent who feels the helplessness I felt. Here's a little video I created that captures my struggle with my daughter's stay in the NICU, and why Dreemie Preemie is so dear to my heart.

Since then Dreemie Preemie has expanded to provide baby book pages and bundles for all babies: NICU babies, preemies and full-term healthy babies. We even have specialty pages for adoption, congenital heart defects and an expanded selection of multiple birth bundles! It's my belief that every baby's birth is a miracle and every baby deserves to have the story of their birth preserved and told in a special way. If you need something to help you preserve these precious stories – please contact us at More than likely if you have a need, others share that need as well. We want to help!!!

All the original designs include Bible verses throughout the pages. This is something I feel very lead to include. I believe all babies are a precious gift from God and I pray you find comfort in the verses attached just as I did when struggling with my own daughter's NICU stay.

Besides helping to bring the stories of preemies, NICU babies and hopefully all babies to life, one of the best things about seeing and carrying my dream to fruition is the encouragement and advice I get to offer to other entrepreneurs and dream-chasers like me. That's why I'm extremely honored to be included in Sparkle and Hustle's Daring Doers for 2012! I want other people to see, and hear, my story and be willing to dare themselves to follow their own dreams.