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Best Value - Entire Set

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This is the best value yet! You get the Preemie NICU page and NICU Medical bundle. Along with the full Preemie baby bundle that take child from arriving home to age 5. You can’t get better than this.

Includes all the pages in the single bundles but put together for a better value! NICU pages include (11 pages) –
*My NICU Milestones
*Announcing Baby
*About my birth
*My Life was Beautiful
*My Fav. Nurses and Dr.’s
*First time I was held…
*Going Home
*My Special Baby Shower
*Bed Rest Page for Mom
*Overall Medical Assessment
*My Diagnosis
* NICU Medical Bundle (8 pages) include… 6 Milestones (can be used to record issues like feeding, respiration, (oxygen, CPAP), monitors, etc…) 2 Surgeries Value of over $90

Full Bundle...Bright, vivid and fun. 42 Pages include
*About Mom & Dad
*My Family Tree
*Family Heritage
*The World around me
*Baby Bump
*Sono Page
*Baby Shower
*Announcing Me
*Bracelet, footprints, etc…
*Going Home
*My Room
*Watch Me Grow (1 – 12 mo)
*All My First
*Potty Page
*Feeding Page
*Birthdays (1-5)
*Check up pages
*First Day of School
*Thoughts from Mom & Dad

***NOTE*** Scrapbook not included. Product includes 12 x 12 pages that are bundled together so you can create your own book. The pages fit any 12 x 12 scrapbook that you can purchase at any hobby or department store. It’s wonderful… that way you can incorporate your own scrapbook pages into this grouping or omit pages that don’t fit your babies story.

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