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Tips for NICU Gifts

Why Dreemie Preemie Baby Pages are a perfect gift…

  1. Even if the new parents are not a scrap bookers they will need a flexible baby book that applies to their preemie and the experiences they face. Any unused pages can simply not be included in their final book or donated to the N.I.C.U.
  2. Add to it, if they are scrap bookers, they can add pages into and where ever they want to keep the running time-line of the NICU experience.
  3. It’s all in one. No need for a scrapbook, photo album, and baby book. Keeping up with all 3 is really hard! One book to update…nothing could be simpler.
  4. It’s a gift that will be kept, looked at over and over and will be helpful in remembering those ever so important first milestones in a preemie’s life!
  5. The NICU does not allow outside plants, flowers, and many suggest no stuffed animals. So, try something paper instead. How about Dreemie Preemie Pages!